Thursday, August 04, 2005


12twelve: Musique Primitive
12twelve: Gyara
The Futureheads: Robot
The Futureheads: Man Ray
The Futureheads: Hounds Of Love
Franz Ferdinanz: The Dark Of The Matinee
Franz Ferdinanz: 40'
Chicks On Speed: Wordy Rappinghood
Chicks On Speed: We Don't Play Guitars
Depeche Mode: Route 66 (Mix Beatmasters)
Delorean: De Funked
Delorean: The Wishbones
Delorean: NYC Gaps
Atom Rhumba: Just Stop
Atom Rhumba: Cowboy Fly
New Order: Who's Joe?
New Order: Guilt Is An Useless Emotion

* selected & played by Mikel.

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